Flytanking added to list of Norwegian airports embracing i6 tech

Suraj Singh
Marketing Director

Flytanking AS, a joint venture between AFSN AS, Shell/ST1 and Air BP, is the latest fuel service provider to sign an agreement to implement i6’s aviation fuelling technology.

Alongside Oslo and 10 other previously announced Norwegian airports, i6 will also deploy its technology at Tromsø, Bodø, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger airports. 

The partnership with Flytanking will see i6’s Reconcile6 and Fusion6 technology deployed to enable real-time into-plane fuel operations and interconnected fuel inventory management - resulting in much more efficient aviation fuelling operations.

“With i6, we’ll be able to provide airlines with even better operational performance, from quicker flight turnarounds to paperless operations.”

- Tomas Jacobsson, Country General Manager, Flytanking AS

The new technology being deployed across Norway will mean that airlines, such as SAS, Norwegian and FlyNorse, will benefit from better on-time performance, access to real-time fuel data and i6’s proprietary e-fuelling solution, eHandshake®, to ensure that they can meet the new rules as part of the ‘'Fit for 55’ green transition

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