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Synthesis6 is our commercial fuel management platform that integrates real-time refuelling data for greater visibility and control of airline fuel costs. Utilise fully built-up pricing supported by global operational data to automate and validate your aviation finance requirements, effortlessly minimising your fuel costs and processing time.

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"Alongside considerable time savings, Synthesis6 will allow us to control global fuel costs at a granular level"
- Virgin Atlantic

Better control of global fuel costs.

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Overview Video.

Integrated commercial fuel platform.

Overview Dashboard

Control over your commercial processes with a complete overview of your finances.

Custom Reporting

Select from a wide range of pre-built reports or drag & drop to create your own.

Manage Contracts

Robust tender process for select suppliers with fully built-up pricing.

Charges & Fees

Generate and apply fuelling and non-flight costs automatically.

Invoicing Validation

Automatic, smart invoice checking with a set of user tools to resolve issues.

Foreign Exchange

Automatic calculation using official IATA sources.

Fuel Suppliers

Create bespoke references for each supplier with detailed contact information.

Base Data

Automatically sourced data from APIs including up-to-date fleet information.
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Virgin Atlantic seals partner with i6

Virgin Atlantic seals partnership to control global fuel costs.

Read about Virgin Atlantic, taking advantage of our integrated commercial fuel platform to better control global fuel costs.
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"We’re delighted to be working with i6. Our partnership has allowed us to improve our fuel data availability and accuracy.”
- Eve Messenger, Fuel Manager at Virgin Atlantic.