Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is in line with the GDPR requirements and explains how we at i6 Systems handle data whilst you browse and submit information through the website or our app and your options regarding the ways in which your data is used. This policy will cover what information we collect when the user uses our Services, mobile applications and products. It also has information about how we store, use, share & delete this collected information.

How we collect information and use it:

i6 does not makes any money from advertisements hence we do not collect data to advertise to you. i6 also does not share or sell the information that we collect. Please see below the information that we collect and how we use it
Passenger & Crew Information - This information is passed across to UK Border Force for anti-terrorism purposes etc. for screening to be completed against these individuals for security.

Card information - We take and process card payments across some of our products. This however is stored at the bank’s side, the only things we hold are the last 4 digits of the card and the expiry date.

Customer addresses - This is for finance and invoicing purposes.

Fuelling information - For maintaining fuel stocks information and refuelling of aircraft, then to allow us to generate charges against them.

How long do we retain this information:
Passenger & Crew Information - We keep it for so long for anti-terrorism and general policing requirements etc.

Card information - We only store the last 4 digits and expiry, there is no period that this will be removed from our side as this is required by HMRC.

Customer addresses - This information will stay permanently for HMRC requirements.

Fuelling information - This information is for HMRC requirements and also for general safety etc.

How do we store and protect this information:
At i6 Systems, we understand the sensitivity and criticality of personal information that we collect.To safeguard this information we have -
- Access controls
- Network encryption
- Hard disk encryption
in place. All the information is on cloud which is behind a robust firewall system.

How do we keep this information secure:
- We follow the industry standards for Information and security management system to safeguard sensitive information.
- We are Audited annually by an external Auditor to determine compliance with the Information Security standards.
- We conduct penetration tests annually to ensure that our network is safe and secured from any IT vulnerabilities.

European privacy laws came into force in 2012 which require websites to inform users when placing ‘cookies’ on visitors computers, mobiles or other devices. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the organisation in the UK responsible for regulating the law.

You have the right to access personal data that is held about you. To obtain a copy of the personal information we hold about you please write to: The Data Protection Officer, i6 Group, Farnborough Airport, Ively Road, Farnborough, GU14 6XA, UK, or Contact Us.

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