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eHandshake® is our proprietary eFuelling technology that allows the Pilot to interact digitally with the Refueller. This allows for quicker and paperless refuelling, social distancing, and a 50% reduced risk of over-fuelling. Accurately record detailed data from every fuel order and integrate flawlessly with our Fusion6 fuel management solution.

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"With i6 technology, we benefit from efficiencies in every flight. That includes making sure the aircraft has the optimal amount of fuel saving on direct fuel costs and minimising extra weight.”
- British Airways

Fully optimised refuelling.

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Seamlessly connect the Pilot and Refueller.

Seamless Communication

Allows Pilots to interact with the refuelling team and amend the order throughout the refuelling process.

Order Provision

Fusion6 integrates with FIDS and uses this information to create and update orders in real-time.

Live Progress

The Pilot can view refuelling information in real-time via the Fuel Order Progress screen.

Order Amendment

The refuel amount for a fuel order can be amended at any time by the Pilot before refuelling begins.

Order Review

The Pilot receives a refuel summary to ensure that the correct fuel grade and amount has been uplifted.

Order History

The History Log captures every stage of the process, who carried it out and when.

Data Collection Mode

Flight crew can use the app to collect and validate data at any location in the world, including when offline.

EFB Integration

eHandshake can be provided as a service, integrating to your own EFB software.
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British Airways Plane at London Heathrow

British Airways cuts thousands of tonnes of CO2.

Learn about how British Airways were able to leverage our technology for more accurate data transmission and optimised refuelling.
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"From investing in sustainable aviation fuels to flying more fuel-efficient aircraft, we’re helping drive change within our industry.”
- Captain Spencer Norton Manager, Flight Efficiency & Evaluation Flight Operations, British Airways