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Reconcile6 is our fuel inventory and accounting platform used to track the movement of fuel across the whole supply chain, including Bulk Storage, Accounting, and Logistics. With built-in inventory management, flawlessly accurate reconciliation, and robust quality control data recording, Reconcile6 reduces paperwork and increases your data accuracy.

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"i6 consistently took the time to understand the operational processes their software support and this is something that has stood out in their service and the software functionality."
- FSM (Member Airlines of the
Canadian Fuel Consortium)
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Accurate fuel inventory management.

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Track fuel across the whole supply chain.

Inbound Deliveries

Capture all inbound movements via pipelines, road and rail, including inbound fuel quality control.

Stock Changes

Control static sales and non-sales stock volumes, and regrade products.


Manage flows between farms, hydrants, fuel tanks, waste tanks, returns, vehicles, and filters.

Product Uplifts

Track and manage third-party companies that collect product directly from you.

Stock Reconciliation

Ensure your records are always accurate and make corrections.

Customs Integration

Customs integrations with France, Spain, Italy, and USA (IRS - ExSTARS).

Product Allocation

Allocate stock between multiple owners and utilise the Stock Days Overview to remain in full control.

Ledger Management

Keep track of movements and ownership at your site.

Quality Management

Ensure stock quality via RPAs, inbound QCs, tank management, and release checks.
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Dublin Airport Terminal

Fingal Aviation embraces digitalisation to modernise Ireland’s international airports.

Learn about why Fingal Aviation Services, the award-winning into-plane agent used by Shell and Topaz Aviation Ireland, selected i6 Group to successfully deploy into-plane management solutions at their Dublin and Cork airports.
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“The solutions provided by i6 have replaced manual processes and saved a lot of paperwork.This had a positive impact, allowing us to streamline many procedures and achieve better operational management using real-time information.This in turn helps us provide an even better service for our customers.”
Ken McHutcheon, Supply & Operations Manager
Fingal Aviation Services Ltd.
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