i6 Case Studies

Learn about how we've provided effective solutions around the globe for some of the world's biggest airlines, busiest airports, and most recognised fuel suppliers and into-plane providers. They chose to rely on i6 technology because of our dedication, passion, and commitment to giving them unparalleled visibility and control over their data.

Case Studies

North Air Fuel Truck
92% Reduction in Fuelling Delays for North Air Manchester.
Learn how i6 was able to help into-plane provider North Air Manchester reduce delays and remove the need to manually input fueling details for over 200 flights every day.
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American Airlines case study
American Airlines eliminates all fuel delays with increased visibility.
Learn about how American Airlines was able to gain visibility on their fuel management operations and avoid unnecessary delays.
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Fingal Aviation case study
JetBlue streamlines fueling operations with accurate, real-time data.
Learn about how JetBlue saw an opportunity to improve its fuel data recording processes, and partnered with i6 to deploy their into-plane refueling technology at key airports.
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Fingal Aviation case study
Fingal Aviation embraces digitalisation to modernise Ireland’s international airports.
Learn about why Fingal Aviation Services, the award-winning into-plane agent used by Shell and Topaz Aviation Ireland, selected i6 Group to successfully deploy into-plane management solutions at their Dublin and Cork airports.
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EPPCO Aviation case study
100% reduction in invoicing errors for EPPCO.
Learn about how through an innovative hardware and software solution, including GPS-enabled handheld refueler tablets and a cloud-based into-plane management platform, i6 was able to help improve invoicing accuracy, operational efficiency and safety.
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IndianOil Skytanking case study
Improved data, resource allocation and communication for IndianOil Skytanking.
Learn about how India’s largest independent fuel management service provider, IndianOil Skytanking (IOSL), began upgrading its into-plane refuelling and fuel management systems by implementing i6 technology at Bangalore Airport (BLR).
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British Airways Case Study
British Airways cuts thousands of tonnes of CO2.
Learn about how British Airways were able to leverage our technology for more accurate data transmission and optimised refuelling.
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Menzies Case Study
How Menzies enhanced operational efficiency.
Learn about how Menzies Aviation was able to utilise our into-plane platform to reduce vehicle downtime whilst also improving safety.
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