100% reduction in invoicing errors for EPPCO.

Learn about how through an innovative hardware and software solution, including GPS-enabled handheld refueler tablets and a cloud-based into-plane management platform, i6 was able to help improve invoicing accuracy, operational efficiency and safety.

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What our customers say:

British Airways Logo
"With i6 technology, we benefit from efficiencies in every flight. That includes making sure the aircraft has the optimal amount of fuel - saving on direct fuel costs and minimising extra weight."
Captain Spencer Norton
Manager, Flight Efficiency & Evaluation Flight Operations
British Airways
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"i6 has proved to be an excellent solution for our fuel operations in the UK and we are very excited to increase the number of locations in this region. So far, i6 has helped us in improving our operational efficiency with real-time data for better planning and fuel order allocation.”
Marco di Mario
SVP Fuels
Menzies Aviation
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Air Canada Logo
"i6 has successfully deployed their platform at all our major locations in Canada, giving us complete real time visibility to our operation and a paperless environment."
Frank Femia
Manager, Fuel Operations
Air Canada
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"Hardware implementation was easy and quick, and our Operators are very happy with the Fusion6 Dashboard, user interface, and reporting options. Our overall efficiency has improved and staff have clear information about the job at hand, leading to a reduction in errors and a happier, well-informed airport community."
Praveen C
General Manager
Bangalore Airport
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"We’re excited to have partnered with i6 and the whole team is impressed so far. The new platform is very user-friendly for our operators, and we can deliver safer and more efficient into-plane services for our customers. We are also very impressed with i6’s approach to support, with 24-hour availability."
Thomas Ng
General Manager
AFSC Hong Kong
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"The solutions provided by i6 have replaced manual processes and saved a lot of paperwork. This had a positive impact, allowing us to streamline many procedures and achieve better operational management using real-time information.This in turn helps us provide an even better service for our customers."
Ken McHutcheon
Supply & Operations Manager
Fingal Aviation Services Ltd.
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"We have seen significant improvements in our engagement and turnaround times, the quality of data capture is greatly increased and enables live changes to the operational delivery of our service."
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Donie Braddick
Head of Aviation Fuel and Motor Transportation
London City Airport
"Their technology has eliminated all invoicing errors, saving us accounting time and costs. We’ve also benefitted from safer and more efficient operations with better scheduling and tracking."
Nitin Pradhan
Head of Operations & Projects
EPPCO Aviation
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"Fusion6 Business Aviation provides us with state of the art planning, real time allocation and data transmission functionality across our operation which delivers operational transparency and significant efficiency benefits."
Airport Operations
Farnborough Airport
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Virgin Atlantic Logo
“We’re delighted to be working with i6. Our partnership has allowed us to improve our fuel data availability and accuracy."
Eve Messenger
Fuel Manager
Virgin Atlantic
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