i6 agrees collaboration with Shell Aviation to optimise operational efficiency

Suraj Singh
Marketing Director

i6 Group, a leading provider of aviation fuel management technology, has secured a new agreement with Shell Aviation, one of the world's largest aviation fuels suppliers.

This collaboration will see i6 replace Shell's existing fuel data capture system across sites globally with a new system for into-plane operations management and comprehensive stock management.

The integrated system from i6 will be deployed across Shell Aviation’s global operations, helping further standardise current processes and providing tangible improvements to how aviation fuel services are managed. The system from i6 ensures significant enhancements in operational efficiency, accuracy in data management, and a seamless user experience across its deployment sites.

"The collaboration with i6 Group marks a significant milestone in Shell Aviation’s pursuit of operational excellence through digital transformation as we continue to deliver more value for our customers. By harnessing cutting-edge digital technologies, we can gain deeper insights into operational data and optimise service efficiency, which should contribute to elevating our customers’ satisfaction and strengthening Shell Aviation’s position in the competitive global aviation landscape. We are pleased to have worked with Shell Ventures team that drives opportunities for deployment for Shell’s portfolio companies, who provided support through strong collaborations demonstrating Shell’s strategic partnership capabilities and contributed to internal visibility of i6 technology solutions. "

- Eva Wan, Head of Digital Strategy at Shell Aviation.

The i6 platform offers a range of efficiency-led features including real-time data tracking, airport and airline data integrations, automatic fuel stock reconciliation, and robust fuel audit and logging capabilities. This scalable platform provides Shell with a solution that supports their future growth and adaptation needs. 

Each site will be equipped with the necessary tools to enable a fully digital fuel operation, including mobile apps to enable real-time fuel data capture. Shell sites will also have around-the-clock access to i6’s industry-leading support and training. 

Alongside maximising operational efficiencies within its operations, Shell will also be able to facilitate electronic refuelling with its airline customers. This will further support the journey to replace manual paper-based processes with secure digital communication between the airline crew and refuellers.

The rollout of the i6 platform will commence with deployments at key locations this year, carefully chosen to represent a diverse mix of Shell's service environments. The multi-year roll out locations include some of the world’s busiest airports, such as Dubai International, Manchester, London Stansted, Birmingham, and Singapore Changi. 

“Our agreement with Shell is a significant milestone and underscores our commitment to digitising fuel management. Our platform will allow Shell to continue optimising their fuel management processes, further boost operational efficiency, and set new standards across the industry.”

- Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group.

This collaboration, strengthened with Shell Ventures support, represents a significant step forward in digital transformation across the aviation fuel industry, promising enhanced service levels and operational excellence. i6 Group and Shell Aviation are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and regulatory compliance, ensuring that the deployment sets a benchmark for technology implementations in the sector.

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