i6 announced as National Sustainability Awards 2023 Finalists

Michael Tanser
Communications Specialist

We are delighted to share that i6 Group has been announced as a finalist in the prestigious 2023 National Sustainability Awards.

We were nominated in the Use of Data & Analytics category in recognition of our secure technology that digitalises the entire aviation fuel supply chain, reducing both operational costs and carbon emissions.

We’re very proud to be recognised for our work in driving operational efficiency and environmental accountability across the energy, aviation, defence and transportation sectors. 

The National Sustainability Awards winners will be announced on 5th October 2023 at the Waldorf Hilton, London. You can view the full list of nominees here.

This nomination, in combination with our inclusion in the BusinessCloud TransportTech Top 50 Innovation Rankings - who selected i6 as one of the companies “blazing a technology trail in the transportation sector” - shows i6 as being clear industry leaders and pioneers.

Our mission to pioneer the use of data to improve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability, has always guided us when finding innovative ways to support the global aviation fuel supply chain. Our platforms provide:

Fully-digitalized and paperless airport operations allowing reduced carbon emissions

Fusion6, our into-plane refuelling management platform, allows fuel service providers to control everything at their locations digitally. Our in2plane app for ground crew provides real-time remote updates on order progression, in combination with optimised dynamic order scheduling and automatic data validation, resulting in less on-site travelling. eHandshake®, our proprietary e-fuelling technology, allows the Pilot to interact digitally with the Refueller, allowing for quicker and paperless refuelling, social distancing, and a 50% reduced risk of over-fuelling, ensuring the aircraft has the optimal amount of fuel and minimising excess weight.

Reduced Fuelling Delays

Fusion6 also reduces delays by providing real-time flight information and operational updates. With delays costing airlines an average of $74.20 per minute - and the average delay lasting 12.4 minutes (ATOT Performance, 2020) - Fusion6 ensures the right combination of vehicle and operator are dispatched to the right place at the right time. As a result, less fuel is consumed by on-site fuelling vehicles, reducing environmental impact.

Reduced Chance of Overfueling

Addressing the problem of overfueling can result in an average saving of 65kg additional fuel per flight based on excess fuel and cost of weight. This results in an average saving of 201kg of CO2 per flight based on CORSIA carbon emissions calculation. eHandshake® reduces the chances of overfueling by providing real-time updates to refuellers and flight crew, with the pilot able to easily communicate changes in required fuel quantity instantly. With the introduction of the “Fit for 55 in 2030" ReFuelEU Aviation initiative, which forms part of the EU's strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels in line with the European Climate Law, preventing overfueling is now even more essential.

Fewer Data Inaccuracies

Most businesses know that manual operations lead to an increased chance of data input, transfer, and storage errors due to human error and rekeying, with a probability of error between 18% and 40% (University of Hawaii, 2008). Our technology provides detailed summaries of fuelling data, including automatic discrepancy alerts and tolerance calculations. Fewer errors leads to reduced fuel waste and increased fuel efficiency.

Real-time inventory, reporting, operational analysis and reconciliation

Reconcile6, our fuel inventory and accounting platform, allows users to meticulously and effortlessly track fuel stock with unparalleled accuracy. Real-time inventory, robust quality management, and daily stock reconciliation combine to ensure every drop of fuel is tracked and accounted for at all times, further minimising environmental impact.

Data for analysis, continuous improvement and environmental accountability

Perspective6, our airline and fuel supplier data portal, provides a real-time view of key airline and supplier information with powerful reporting. This allows our customers to improve fuel efficiency via real-time operations details and stock levels, and optimise resources using global data to manage supply chains. Our customers gain increased transparency of the entire fuel journey from delivery to take-off, allowing them to pinpoint opportunities to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency.

Frictionless collaboration across airline, into-plane and fuel supplier

Our Biosphere approach ensures that all of our platforms share data and interact seamlessly, allowing for better reporting and communication between stakeholders. This in turn allows customers to more easily identify ways to streamline operations and reduce their environmental impact through economical fuel usage, storage, and distribution.

Future-proof - SAF-ready solution

Our platforms are designed with the future of energy and aviation in mind, and are fully compatible with a variety of Sustainable Aviation Fuels. Currently, SAF is comparatively more expensive than traditional aviation fuels - our platforms ensure that every drop of fuel is accurately tracked and accounted for at all times.

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