i6 deploys fuel tech to help reduce delays at Manchester Airport

Suraj Singh
Head of Marketing
Fuel management technology provider, i6 Group, has successfully rolled out its refueller management platform at Manchester airport.

The hardware and software solution from i6 provides into-plane refuellers with real-time control and management of their fuelling operations at Manchester Airport. 

Feed integrations with the airport and airlines will keep refuellers informed of the most up-to-date flight information, with faster updates for flight changes due to weather, disruptions or delays - ensuring that refuellers are always in the right place at the right time.

Integrations with key airlines also allow the refuellers to know the exact fuel required for each flight before the flight crew reaches the plane, allowing the refueller to begin refuelling in advance to save time and avoid delays.

i6 plan to continue optimising refuel efficiency by digitalising the airline fuel order approval process - which is typically an in-person, paper-based process required at airports before flight departure. i6’s eHandshake® technology allows the pilot to communicate with the refueller digitally to interact with and accept the fuel order. 

This technology helps airlines drive down operational costs, optimise fuel usage and directly reduce carbon emissions. Virgin Atlantic will be among the first to benefit from this technology at Manchester Airport, as they are already successfully using eHandshake in a number of major UK and US airports.

“Advanced technology is key in finding efficiency and sustainability gains throughout the refuelling process. It’s a pleasure to bring our technology to Manchester and we look forward to rolling out eHandshake - helping to create a smarter and more sustainable airport.” 

- Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group

Recently recognised by Tech Nation as one of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies, i6 continues to transform the global aviation fuelling industry with innovative climate-focused technology.

Image Credit: MAG Manchester Airport

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