i6 technology chosen for major Swedish airports

The world’s fastest-growing fuel management technology company, i6 Group, will be implemented at Gothenburg and Malmö airports, joining Stockholm airport which already benefits from the technology.

i6 will roll out its Fusion6 platform at Gothenburg and Malmö Airports - providing refuellers with the most advanced refuelling management platform including real-time visibility and management of ground fuelling operations.

Fusion6 technology is already present at Sweden’s largest airport in Stockholm, with Stockholm Fuelling Services (SFS) who have recently renewed a long-term agreement with i6 Group.

“It’s great to see the technology come to more Swedish airports and we’re happy to continue working with the team at i6. The real-time capabilities of the platform are essential for us to provide the optimum levels of service.”

- Mats Bünsow, Operations Manager at Stockholm Fuelling Services 

These new deployments will mean that the three largest Swedish airports can all maximise operational efficiency for their airline customers.

“Alongside Stockholm, we’re excited to expand further across key Swedish locations with Gothenburg and Malmö airports. We look forward to delivering an industry-leading digital fuel management solution that will benefit suppliers, airlines and passengers in Sweden.”

- Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group
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