i6 to enhance fuel management at 10 Norwegian airports

Suraj Singh
Head of Marketing

The world’s fastest-growing fuel management technology company, i6 Group, has been selected to deploy its advanced fuel management technology at 10 airports in Norway for Aviation Fuel Services Norway (AFSN) – a company owned by St1 and Shell.

AFSN is a prominent fuel service provider in Norway, serving both domestic and international customers. i6 technology is set to replace dated legacy systems, providing AFSN with real-time data and a continuously improved and supported platform. 

The into-plane management platform will allow AFSN to seamlessly integrate with airports and airlines for real-time flight and fuel requirement information. The technology will enable better planning and management of refuelling operations across its network of airports.

“We’re pleased to partner with i6 across multiple Norwegian locations. We look forward to implementing their digital fuel management solution that will further improve our operations and benefit airlines and their passengers in Norway.” 

-Flemming Sindberg, CEO, AFSN.

AFSN will have better control and visibility of ground fuelling, with intrinsically-safe tablet devices that instantly capture refuelling information and vehicle locations, ensuring the refueller is in the right place at the right time.

In addition, AFSN will be able to provide airline customers with real-time digital fuelling information through i6’s proprietary communication technology, eHandshake® - allowing the company to transition to a 100% paperless operation. 

“We are proud to partner with AFSN to enhance fuel management at airports in Norway. Our advanced technology will deliver significant benefits to AFSN, including greater operational efficiency and more accurate data capture.”

- Steve Uhrmacher, CEO, i6 Group.

With i6’s technology now being implemented at 10 airports in Norway, including Kristiansund, Molde, Kristiansand and Ålesund, AFSN will join an impressive list of aviation fuel suppliers worldwide, benefiting from i6’s industry-leading fuel management technology.

Flemming Sindberg (left) & Steve Uhrmacher (right) at the IATA Aviation Energy Forum May 2023

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