Q&A: PrimeFlight Sacramento - i6 has revolutionized our fuel operation

Suraj Singh
Marketing Director

PrimeFlight’s SMF General Manager shares his impressions of i6 technology.

PrimeFlight offers a comprehensive range of services for commercial airlines and airports, including fueling, aircraft services, passenger services, security services, deicing and ground handling. PrimeFlight operates at over 225 airports around the globe and has decades of expertise in the aviation services sector, with a longstanding commitment to service quality and operational efficiency.

Recently, we successfully implemented our real-time into-plane management platform for PrimeFlight Aviation Services at Sacramento International Airport (SMF). We then asked PrimeFlight’s SMF General Manager, Javier Padilla, for his impressions. 

Q: Tell us about the PrimeFlight operation at Sacramento International Airport

A: Our fuel operation at Sacramento International Airport (SMF) is a tanker-based operation that caters to seven airlines as a crucial player in the airport's fuel consortium.
Q: How does PrimeFlight SMF fit into the wider airport fuel operation?

A: As we manage the highest amount of jet fuel at the airport, it’s essential that we maintain precise records of fuel usage and truck inventory to ensure that the consortium fuel storage information can be calculated and airline fuel owners are aware of the amount of fuel they have left. The introduction of i6 technology has been instrumental in achieving this, replacing paper-based manual processes with accurate and automatic data collection. 
Q: What are the main challenges you faced, and how has i6 technology helped address these?

A: Our primary challenge was tracking the accurate balances of fuel trucks. The process involved having to manually capture the information, which was time-consuming and, as with any manual process, vulnerable to human error. i6 technology has transformed our fuel operation, allowing for the accurate monitoring and tracking of fuel quantities. Overall, we’ve seen a better flow of communication, efficiency, and service for our customers.
Q: How was the process of integrating i6 technology and what advice would you give to similar operations?

A: Integrating i6 technology into PrimeFlight's existing systems was a straightforward and hassle-free process for us. The team here adapted to the new processes quickly, seamlessly integrating the new technology with our operational protocols. For companies considering a similar technological upgrade - don't panic, it's a simple process and adapting to it has been easy!
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