i6 brings fuel management & reconciliation to US supply chain

We're excited to announce that we have completed the deployment of both hardware and software integrations for BOSFUEL, a consortium of airline operators at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). The deployment allows the entire airport fuel supply chain to be connected in real-time using cloud-based software, secure technology, and i6-enabled fuel vehicles and carts. This means BOSFUEL is now equipped with the most accurate and advanced fuel-management platform available - allowing for new levels of operational efficiencies.

"We had a chance to see the i6 systems leveraged in our Boston operation, and we were all very happy to see how satisfied our frontline teams were with the product. The amount of time saved and reduced touchpoints from the automated processes has truly made i6 implementation an easy decision for both our operational and commercial stakeholders, and will ultimately aid in our emissions reporting.”

Michael Brocker, Director Assistant, Treasurer & Fuel, JetBlue Airways

Real-time end-to-end fuel management

The deployment includes Reconcile6, an IRS-compliant solution for inventory management, reconciliation, loss & gain calculations, and real-time tank insights. This ensures greater visibility, control, and security over airline stock levels and movements, representing a crucial next step for the aviation industry, especially in light of the recent disruption and volatility in fuel supply.

This complements the already installed Fusion6 platform, which provides full remote visibility of ground fueling operations by connecting data from airports to airlines. The complete solution now allows BOSFUEL to track the entire fuel supply chain in real-time - setting a new standard for North American aviation. The i6 platform also unlocks paperless refuelling for resident airlines through eHandshake®, patented i6 technology currently being used by a growing number of international airlines to digitize the aircraft refuelling process. eHandshake® allows pilots, airports, and into-plane operators to communicate seamlessly, resulting in fewer delays, accurate reporting, and entirely paperless refuelling.

“We’re delighted to announce the successful launch in Boston. This is a huge milestone for us and we look forward to welcoming many other airlines and US airport consortiums onto our platform.”

Steve Uhrmacher, CEO, i6 Group

These innovative solutions allow us to solidify our position as the preferred partner for digitisation across airlines, airports, and into-plane operators. Our Biosphere approach puts stakeholders at the heart of a growing product ecosystem, offering frictionless collaboration between separate organisations. i6 technology is deployed at over 150 airports, including Toronto Pearson, Dubai International, Bangalore, London Heathrow, Amsterdam, and now Boston Logan International.

Transform your fuel management operations today.

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