i6 & Pertamina deploy real-time refuelling tech across Indonesia

Suraj Singh
Marketing Director

The deployment comes as world leaders met recently in Bali for the G20 summit to discuss mounting priorities, including sustainable energy and digital transformation. 

i6 technology allows Indonesia’s state-owned fuel supplier, Pertamina, to maximise operational efficiency as local teams can now manage aircraft refuelling in real-time.

“The team here are amazed by how advanced i6’s solutions are, including customer contract management and live telemetry across the airport. Their approach to customer support is also impressive, with expert training and 24/7 availability.”

- I G Putu Suwidita, Manager Operation Facility & Development, PT. Pertamina Patra Niaga

With the Fusion6 into-plane management platform, Pertamina continues to transform energy across Indonesia, unlocking cost savings and efficiencies for stakeholders within the aviation fuel supply chain.

“We’re proud to develop a long-term partnership with Pertamina and play a part in Indonesia’s sustainable energy transition. By optimising their fuel management and usage, stakeholders can save fuel and CO2 whilst also reducing operational costs.”

- Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group

Airlines flying in and out of Bali, Surabaya and Makassar are now able to take advantage of advanced into-plane connectivity through eHandshake®, offering instant refuel information, control and communication for Pilots.

By optimising fuel usage, airlines have already been able to save thousands of tonnes of fuel and CO2 through i6 technology.

Transform your fuel management operations today.

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