i6 & Shell TSA bring digital fuel management to the Caribbean

Suraj Singh
Marketing Director

i6 Group is collaborating with Shell Aviation Technical Services and Consultancy (Shell Aviation TSA), offering Shell Aviation TSA Loyalty Programme members industry-leading technology to digitise their fuel management operations. The first to leverage this collaboration is Gulfstream Petroleum Dominicana (GPD) Aviation, a leading fuel distributor in the Dominican Republic.

Shell Aviation TSA offers its members technical services and support to ensure that its fuel service provider members’ operations run efficiently and safely. i6 Group is one of the world’s fastest-growing fuel management technology companies, focussed on digitising the entire aviation fuel supply chain for airlines, fuel service providers and suppliers. The collaboration between Shell Aviation TSA and i6 helps to ensure that operational excellence and digital innovation go hand in hand.

“Our collaboration with i6 allows us to provide a broader range of solutions to our into-plane customers. With i6’s digital fuel management technology, fuel service providers can reach new levels of operational efficiency and ensure a greater level of service for their customers.”

- Anke Lawrence, Global Aviation Services Manager at Shell

The collaboration allows Shell Aviation TSA members to access one of the best-in-market fuel management technology solutions, along with other benefits such as preferential rates and 24/7 support. The services from i6 provide Shell Aviation TSA members with a range of modules that digitise and streamline refuelling, invoicing, stock management and airline communication.

GPD Aviation is the first Shell TSA member to take advantage of the collaboration with i6. Following the successful development of i6’s into-plane management platform at Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ), GPD Aviation now has access to i6’s hardware and software solutions for maximum operational efficiency.

“As a member of Shell Aviation TSA, we’re not just committed to operational safety and efficiency – we live by it every day. Implementing i6 is more than just a technological upgrade; it’s a key milestone for GPD Aviation. This deployment marks a significant leap forward, not just for our operations, but for the entire Caribbean fuel management industry. We're genuinely excited about what this means for the future with the increased levels of service for our customers.”

- Edmundo Jimenez - Aviation Director at GPD 

i6’s cloud-based into-plane management software allows the GPD Aviation team to see real-time flight information from the airports and airlines they serve. The team can now streamline the allocation of fuel orders and data collection, replacing paper-based analogue processes. This technology opens up additional areas of digitisation, including digital airline refuelling and fuel storage and accounting.

Image Credit: Airport Carbon Accreditation

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