Oslo to join Norwegian airports receiving i6 fuel tech

Suraj Singh
Marketing Director

Through a new partnership with Gardermoen Fuelling Services (GFS), i6 will deploy its technology at Norway’s busiest airport and one of the largest in the Nordic region. 

GFS is the leading provider of fuelling services to domestic and international airlines at Oslo Airport. The partnership comes after the climate-focused company recently announced it had been selected to deploy its advanced fuel management technology at 10 other airports in Norway.

The technology to be deployed at Oslo will include Fusion6, i6’s into-plane management platform that will allow GFS to utilise innovations such as digitally connected fuel meters, refueller tablets, live telemetry, and data feeds from airlines to streamline refuelling operations. This enhanced connectivity and visibility will enable operational efficiencies and cost savings, whilst ensuring safety is prioritised.

“We’re excited to have i6 upgrade our systems with the latest fuel management technology. They will bring numerous efficiencies to our fuelling operations and also enable sustainability-led solutions for airlines”

- David Adair, GM at Gardermoen Fuelling Services

Airlines operating at airports in Norway, such as SAS, Norwegian and FlyNorse, will be able to benefit from i6’s proprietary e-fuelling solution, eHandshake®

eHandshake® provides real-time refuelling visibility and communication between the pilot and refueller, with a focus on ensuring only the right amount of fuel is uplifted to the aircraft. This leads to a reduction in over-fuelling and avoids unnecessary emissions - essential for decarbonising aviation.

Recently, the European Commission announced new rules as part of the ‘'Fit for 55' legislative package which requires aircraft operators to refuel only with the necessary fuel for the flight. These new rules aim to avoid emissions from excess weight and carbon leakage, contributing to the reduction of aviation emissions and supporting the EU's climate goals. 

“We’re excited to bring our technology to Oslo Airport and I look forward to speaking to airlines about how we can help them optimise fuel usage. Our technology helps reduce over-fuelling and also provides global fuel data visibility to ensure that efficiencies are being realised across the world.”

- Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group

Image Credit: Hurtigruten

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