Nautilus Aviation invests in i6 Group fuel management technology

Suraj Singh
Marketing Director
Nautilus Aviation invests in cloud-based fuel management technology.

Nautilus Aviation - an international aviation fuel and avgas reseller based in Palermo, Italy - is upgrading its refuelling and fuel management processes. We’re happy to announce that i6 have been chosen as their preferred solution provider to help them achieve this milestone.

As a company with a long presence in the fuel sales sector, Nautilus has strategic plans for company consolidation and new investments to extend and improve their service network, forming the basis of their success as a leading operator on the Italian market.

Nautilus Aviation wanted to increase the efficiency of their processes and have access to a wider range of integration options. They were impressed with the product demonstrations and smart solutions provided by i6, as well as their ‘Biosphere’ approach - a growing and interconnected product ecosystem offering frictionless collaboration between separate organisations.

We asked Piero Benigno, Technical Supervisor at Nautilus Aviation, his thoughts on this new development. Piero said

“We are very excited to be working with i6. The deployment of their Fusion6 platform across all of our major locations in Italy will give us real-time visibility of our operations and allow us to transfer to a completely paperless environment. This development will allow us to see a significant increase in operational delivery and efficiency.”

Steve Uhrmacher, CEO of i6, said “We are delighted to be working with Nautilus Aviation, further extending our global reach at 7 new airport locations in Italy and securing a long term relationship with this new customer.”

Safe, secure, efficient refuelling.

The solutions provided to Nautilus will allow their into-plane refuelling operations to be connected in real-time using cloud-based software, secure technology, and i6-enabled fuel vehicles and carts. This will include our Fusion6 platform, which provides Nautilus with full remote visibility of ground fuelling operations by connecting data from airports to airlines. This also allows Nautilus to achieve paperless refuelling through the use of eHandshake®, patented e-fuelling technology used by a growing number of international airlines to digitise the aircraft refuelling process. eHandshake® allows pilots, airports, and into-plane operators to communicate seamlessly, resulting in fewer delays, accurate reporting, and entirely paperless refuelling. 

These solutions include on-vehicle data capture and fully mobile, intrinsically safe equipment, airside operations and status information, as well as integrated VOIP communications via tablet/smartphone interface.

i6 technology is deployed at over 150 airports, and this new relationship with Nautilus Aviation will mean this now includes Palermo, Cagliari, Catania, Pescara, Comiso, Rimini and Pantelleria.

Transform your fuel management operations today.

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