Safe, efficient passenger transport for London City Airport

Finding new ways to improve end-to-end operational efficiency.

Over the last five years, London City Airport (LCY) has seen a lot of positive change. Located in close proximity to the City of London and Canary Wharf - bustling centres of London's financial industry - the airport continues to thrive. Bought in 2016 by a Canadian-led consortium, LCY immediately looked for ways to positively impact their location, through expansion, renovation and innovation.

One way this was achieved was through the implementation of two new software platforms - Fusion6 and Reconcile6 - allowing end-to-end operations and fuel supply to be connected in real-time using cloud-based software, secure technology, and i6-enabled fuel vehicles and carts. This meant that LCY was now equipped with the most accurate and advanced fuel-management platform available - allowing for new levels of operational efficiencies. But LCY saw an opportunity for us to improve even further on our solution, and in early 2020 we started collaborating on a new functionality - a passenger transport allocation system.

Safe, efficient passenger transport doesn’t have to be a headache.

In some cases, allowing passengers to walk between the terminal and the stands at airports presents safety concerns. To prevent this, LCY uses shuttle buses to transport passengers quickly and safely. However, assigning that transport efficiently, with a system that knows when and where to send them, required a more powerful solution. As a result, LCY and i6 worked together to implement a solution that improves upon the Customer Services element of our Fusion6 platform.

“We began working with i6 to implement their real-time solutions in 2016, which gave us end-to-end control of our operations and fuel supply chain. When we requested a way to automate the allocation of shuttle buses between the aircraft and terminals, i6 worked with us to deliver exactly what we needed. This new functionality greatly reduces the time required and complexity of passenger transport allocation.” - Heather Lewis, Aerodrome Operations Stand Planner at LCY

Now, as well as being able to create and assign service orders using the platform, users can set up automatic shuttle bus orders and allocation for selected stands and locations. Fusion6 detects how many buses are required for incoming or outgoing flights, and creates and assigns the order automatically - making the whole process easier and more efficient. The first live shuttle bus order using this new solution was completed at LCY on 24th November 2020 for a small seven-passenger flight from the Isle of Man - and the new system continues to improve operational efficiency at LCY on a daily basis.

“Our pioneering work with London City Airport over the last five years has been exciting and groundbreaking. As one of the first locations where our solutions were implemented, seeing their business thrive has been incredibly rewarding. We are delighted to be able to continue finding new ways to support our customers.”- Steve Uhrmacher, i6 CEO

These innovative solutions allow us to solidify our position as the preferred partner for digitisation across airlines, airports, and into-plane operators.

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